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A Clear Approach To Straighten Your Smile

  • April 11, 2016

When you want to make a change to your smile, results matter more than anything else, right?

If you want straight teeth, then your treatment should end with you having straight teeth.

Based on what we have seen in our office, Invisalign can give you those results. If you’ve never heard of Invisalign, that’s OK. We will explain what it is and how it works in today’s post.

Traditional metal braces will straighten your teeth, but many people are uncomfortable wearing brackets and wires on their teeth. For many patients, Invisalign provides an alternative means of improving their smile.

Want to know more? If you live in or near Williamsburg, VA, all you need to do is keep reading, call us, or stop by Historic Triangle Dental Care.

How Does Invisalign Work?

To explain Invisalign, we will need to compare it with traditional braces. Both of them can fix a lot of alignment problems that you may have with your teeth.

Braces and Invisalign can both be used to fix:

  • Crossbites — when your top and bottom rows of teeth overlap one another when you close your bite
  • Overbites — when your top row of teeth juts out further than it should
  • Underbites — when your top row of teeth rests inside your bottom row when you close your bite
  • Open bites – when you have a space between your top and bottom rows of teeth when your bite is closed
  • Crooked teeth — when your teeth do not align vertically in your mouth
  • Crowded teeth — when your teeth are pressed closely together
  • Gapped teeth — when you have wider spaces than you would expect between two or more of your teeth

Invisalign won’t work for every individual, but as you can see, it can correct a wide range of problems.

Metal braces fix these issues by pulling and pushing your teeth with a system of brackets and wires. The brackets are attached directly to your teeth. The wires connect the brackets together and guide the movements of your teeth.

Invisalign uses clear, plastic aligners. Each aligner pushes your teeth a little closer to their final positions.

When you complete either kind of treatment, your teeth should be straighter than they’ve ever been.

The Advantages Of Invisalign

Many people who would like straight teeth don’t get treatment because they don’t want to wear braces. This can be a particular concern for working, professional adults.

You may find that Invisalign makes it easier for you to move forward and fix your smile.

➤ Invisalign Is Clear.

Earlier, we described Invisalign as using clear aligners. That is clear as in transparent. Each aligner is designed to be as discreet as possible when it is in your mouth.

You can wear Invisalign all day without anyone noticing that you have an aligner in your mouth. That’s not an option with braces. It’s hard not to notice when the person you are talking too has wires attached to his or her teeth.

➤ Invisalign Is Comfortable.

Brackets and wires present their own problems. Getting them put on is uncomfortable. Getting them adjusted is uncomfortable, too.

Plus, some people find the brackets to be scratchy against the soft tissues of their mouths. And in the event of an accident, your wires could break, causing the ends to poke your cheeks or gums.

None of those are a concern with Invisalign. Each aligner is made of a single piece of smooth plastic. There are no edges. There are no small pieces to break or bend.

And you don’t need to adjust your aligners. Instead, you just put in a new aligner every few weeks to keep your teeth moving in the right direction.

➤ Invisalign Is Convenient.

When you have braces, you have them on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until your treatment is complete. On average, this takes about two years.

During that time, you have to learn new ways to brush and floss your teeth. You have to avoid eating certain foods so that you don’t pull one of your brackets loose or bend the wires.

With Invisalign, you will need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours per day to get the best results. Most Invisalign treatments can be completed in about 12 months, about half the time it takes with braces.

Those two hours may not seem like but, but they will make your treatment much easier to manage. You can brush and floss your teeth like you do now, and you can continue to eat all the foods that you enjoy.

Start With A Consultation

Before you commit to a particular treatment, stop by Historic Triangle Dental Care in Williamsburg, VA, to discuss whether Invisalign could work for you.

You could have straight teeth in less time with a treatment that is more comfortable and more convenient than metal braces.

Deciding to straighten your teeth is a big step, but it’s a step that has helped many patients feel more confident about themselves. To make your appointment, call 757-903-2527 or fill out our online form.


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