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Cosmetic Dentistry For Holiday Improvements

  • November 14, 2015

Cosmetic Dentistry For Holiday Improvements

Welcome back to the Historic Triangle Dental Care blog!

We hope that you have been finding the information contained here to be helpful to maintaining your family’s oral health. If you are ever looking for a dentist in Williamsburg, Virginia, we hope that you will take a closer look at what we can do.

Besides looking after the health of your mouth, we can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Wouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself this holiday season to a new and improved look.

Most of us were not blessed with perfectly straight, evenly spaced teeth. But these days all of us can take advantage of all the things that cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

If you are ready to make a bold move, you will want to schedule a consultation with our team. In the meantime, we wanted to review some of our cosmetic dentistry services in today’s blogpost.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding can be used to correct small blemishes in your teeth.

For this procedure, a durable, tooth-colored material is bonded directly to your tooth to restore your tooth to its former beauty.

It is a quick and easy procedure here at Historic Triangle Dental Care.

Gum Reshaping

If you do not like the current ratio of gums to teeth in your mouth, this treatment might be just what you need.

We can provide a gum reshaping procedure in our Williamsburg, VA dentist’s office as a way to turn a gummy smile back into a toothy grin.

Professional Teeth Whitening

As you age, your teeth will take on a darker shade. And every glass of wine, bite of chocolate, glass of fountain coke, and cup of coffee will add layers of stains.

One thing we can tell you is to never trust your teeth to over-the-counter DIY whitening kits. They won’t get the job done and they may well damage your gums and soft tissues.

Only your dentist can get the results you are hoping for. As it happens, we are currently offering a special deal on teeth whitening treatments in Williamsburg, VA.

For only $75, you can take home a specialized kit designed to give you a brighter, whiter smile.

Our kits include 6 sets of prearranged whitening trays that are custom made to fit your mouth for optimum whitening.

Plus, they use Opalescence one-hour whitening gel to do the trick.

In the end, you’ll definitely have something to smile about.

Cosmetic Crowns

Do you have damaged teeth that could stand to be improved?

We can make repairs for some issues with one of our cosmetic crowns. These restorations are handcrafted by a master ceramist and designed to blend in with your natural smile.

You won’t be disappointed by these!


At Historic Triangle Dental Care, our veneers can work cosmetic wonders for cracked, chipped, misshapen, uneven, and deeply stained teeth.

For this procedure, we remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth and then cement the porcelain veneers on top of them.

The results are stunning and the procedure takes no time at all. We do have two different varieties to choose from.

Dental Implants

Adult tooth loss is no laughing matter.

Your appearance and your self-confidence will suffer, and your diet will take a turn for the worse too based on the fact that you won’t be able to chew fiber-rich foods.

Plus, when you lose a tooth, your jaw will begin to shrink and your other teeth will shift around to try and fill in the missing space.

To prevent all of this from happening, a dental implant can be placed into the jawbone where the missing tooth was at to help maintain bone mass and prevent a shift in your teeth.

The implant is a post made of titanium that will immediately begin to fuse to your jawbone for a strong, permanent anchor for your replacement tooth.

With implants from Historic Triangle Dental Care, you will be able to once again eat the foods that you love and you will have a beautiful smile to flash.

Transform Your Smile Now!

Now that you know what we can offer in the way of cosmetic dentistry, what’s holding you back?

Contact our Williamsburg, VA dental office today to get started!


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