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Could Dental Bonding Help Your Smile?

  • May 24, 2016

When something is bothering one of our patients, we want to help them fix it. Sometimes this may require an extensive procedure, and other times, the treatment is as simple as dental bonding.

We are less concerned about the complexity of the procedure. Our focus is on finding the right procedure to help you feel happy about your smile again.

For patients in and around Williamsburg, VA, our staff at Historic Triangle Dental Care will listen to your concerns and help you find the right solution.

Today, we will be discussing instances in which dental bonding could help you or someone you love.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is the application of a white resin to the affected areas of your teeth.

Because the resin is white, it will blend in with your other teeth. This helps your smile look natural after the bonding is complete.

When the resin is applied, we shape it so that your tooth looks as natural as possible. Then we expose the resin to a special light. This light hardens the resin so that it can withstand the daily rigors of being a tooth.

In addition to his knowledge about dental bonding, our dentist, Dr. Whyte, has personal experience with it. When he was 12 years old, he broke one of his front teeth. His dentist fixed it with dental bonding. More than 20 years later, the bonding is still in place. Just as important, he is still happy with it.

More than 20 years later, the bonding is still in place. Just as important, Dr. Whyte is still happy with it.

Is Bonding A Restorative Or Cosmetic Procedure?

Yes. By that we mean, dental bonding can be used for restorative and cosmetic purposes. The resin will restore the shape and function of your affected teeth, but it also preserves the natural appearance of your smile.

Let’s get into some specifics for a moment. Why might you need dental bonding? Here are a few examples:

◼︎ Chipped teeth — This is similar to the problem we mentioned earlier with Dr. Whyte’s tooth. Chips can occur at any moment.

You may be biting into a piece of hard candy when you notice something fall out of your mouth. You may be walking down the street when someone inadvertently bumps into you with something they are carrying.

You could chip your teeth in a game of pickup basketball or due to a fall.

In all of these instances, dental bonding may be the fastest and simplest solution.

◼︎ Cracked teeth — The pressure from clenching or grinding your teeth together can cause cracks to form. Dental bonding can fill in those spaces (although you should look into fix the teeth grinding problem, too).

You also may notice an opening in your teeth if you previously received a filling for a cavity. Over time, fillings can chip, break, separate from your teeth, or fall out. Dental bonding can be used to replace your filling in a way that makes it’s harder for other people to know if you had a cavity.

◼︎ Discolored teeth — While you may think of teeth staining when you think of discoloration, individual teeth can change colors as well.

One possible reason for this is an injury to the tooth. This kind of discoloration cannot be fixed with a teeth whitening product. Dental bonding, however, can be applied to the tooth and shaded to match the rest of your smile.

◼︎ Misshapen teeth — Sometimes teeth don’t grow the way you might expect them, too. “Short” teeth don’t erupt from your gums as far as other teeth. Other teeth may not be shaped how you want them to be.

With dental bonding, you can add material that will give your teeth the size and shape that you would like.

◼︎ Exposed roots — In cases of gum disease, your gums will sometimes recede from your tooth. This can cause the roots of your teeth to become exposed.

The roots of your teeth are covered with cementum (which is hard, but not as hard or protective as the enamel on the outside of the crowns of your teeth). To correct this and to protect the roots of your teeth, we can apply dental bonding material.

Want To Reclaim Your Smile?

If you have been bothered by a chip, a crack, an old filling, or other blemishes to your teeth, contact our dentist office in Williamsburg, VA. We may be able to help with dental bonding or one of our other services.

All you have to do is call 757-903-2527 or fill out our online form to make an appointment at Historic Triangle Dental Care.


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