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Dental Implants Are Easy In Williamsburg, VA

  • January 20, 2016

Dental Implants Are Easy In Williamsburg, VA

Welcome back to another January edition of our Historic Triangle Dental Care blog! We hope that our virtual space is a good source of dentistry-related information.

In the real world, we aim to please. That’s why our team provides convenient and comprehensive dental solutions for all of your family’s ever-changing oral health needs.

In our Williamsburg, Virginia office we also offer specialty treatments such as dental implant surgery. This is a two-step procedure that can help you restore the functionality and natural appearance of your smile following tooth loss as an adult.

This is a great way for folks to reclaim their lives. Because, regardless of how it happens, tooth loss as an adult is going to be traumatic and embarrassing, not to mention bad for your health, until you find a good solution to turn things around.

Healthy Smiles Make For Healthy Lives

As dentists, we take it for granted that your oral health is bound up with your body’s total wellness. One thing that should be obvious is what a full set of teeth can do for you. When things are as they should be, you can eat healthy, fiber-rich foods. When you are missing teeth, you’ll have to make substitutions that are easier to chew. Over time, your health will deteriorate. And that won’t be good!

You Won’t Look Like Yourself

You can bet that when you lose teeth as an adult, your health will surely suffer and so will your looks. Your cheeks will cave-in adding years to your appearance. And your smile will have enough holes to make you self-conscious and embarrassed to open your mouth. People will ask questions. Daily life will become torturous. You won’t go around mirrors. Something will have to give.

Fortunately, dental implants from Historic Triangle Dental Care can greatly improve your outlook!

Can Implants Make It Better?

Dental implants are designed to be a substitute for your natural teeth. They are the closest thing to the real thing.

Around here, we install them over the course of two easy office visits.

Here’s how it works: During the first part of the procedure, a small post will be surgically inserted into your jaw. This will create a sturdy foundation for a prosthetic tooth that will be attached 3-6 months later, after the post has properly fused with your bone.

Soon you will regain close to 100% of your biting power back so you can once again eat the healthier foods that your body relies on.

What’s more, your smile will once again look great, and your dental implants will even reverse your sunken facial structure, shaving years off of your prematurely aged appearance.

Learn More, Get Started

We hope you will be inspired to take the next step! There’s no need to let missing teeth ruin your social life or your health. Our implants will allow you to take back the life you once had!

Contact our Williamsburg, VA team today to restore health and assurance to your smile!


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