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Giving Thanks for Modern Dentistry

  • November 28, 2017

modern dentistry williamsburg vaWith every move forward to a new generation comes a variety of technological advances. In fact, it almost seems as if technology is moving forward in a manner that’s too fast for anyone to comprehend. This same fact rings true across all the different industries and services in today’s modern world, including medical and dental services. As such, we have a lot to give thanks for. Without modern dental technology, we would still be living with aching and decaying teeth without any clue as to why it was happening. Let’s take a moment to look at how dentistry has evolved into the modern marvel we know today.

The Beginning of Dentistry

People as early as 5000 BC were already thinking about dentistry. Ancient Sumerian texts discuss tooth decay and what the people of that time considered as a cause: tooth worms. The idea of a small worm eating away at the teeth persisted all the way into the 18th century, until a French surgeon proved it wrong with microscopic research.

Skip forward to 2600 BC, when ancient Egyptian inscriptions record the death of Hesy-Re, who was described as the “greatest of those who deal with teeth.” More Egyptian records discuss the various dental treatments available at the time, which include a crude form of fillings in the form of barley and honey mixture.

Other ancient peoples, including the Romans, start to create more advanced treatments such as dental prosthetics and treatments for dental pain.

The 19th Century

While some advanced were made during the Middle Ages, the true developments took place during the 19th Century. During this time period, dentistry became a full-fledged profession, which in turn made more people do research so they could advance the field and provide better care. During this time, the first dental book was published and the first commercial manufacturing of porcelain teeth began. Dental office equipment became a large focus, and the first reclining dental chair was made.

The first dental schools were opened during this time period, and people became students of the profession, which further encouraged advancement in the technology and procedures used for the general population.

Modern Day

Today, dentistry exists in an incredibly efficient and affordable manner. In history, there were many people who couldn’t afford to see the dentist, and they would have to let their teeth decay. As advancements continued, the overall oral health of the general population improved. Now, dentistry is very affordable with insurance and payment plans. Every day, dentists work to discover new and improved ways of taking care of teeth, which lowers costs and improves satisfaction.

In today’s world of incredible dental technology, we have a lot to be grateful for. There is anesthesia, surgical procedures that prevent long-lasting complications and cosmetic dentistry for improving the looks of your teeth. With these advancements, we can live as a cleaner and healthier people. And the advancement hasn’t stopped! The future also holds many bright promises for dental technology that decreases costs and increases overall efficiency.


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