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Helping the Williamsburg, VA Community Through Hi-Tech Dentistry and Community Involvement

  • February 17, 2017

At Historic Triangle Dentistry, we are proud to serve the local community by utilizing the latest dental technology and by volunteering our time and services to support various individuals and groups in the community.

Hi-Tech Dentistry in Virginia

We want good dental health for our patients. We know that some patients put off going to the dentist out of fear. To make our patients’ visit to our Williamsburg, Virginia dental office as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, we utilize the latest dental technology.

With the use of advanced dental equipment and tools, our patients can have their procedure done quicker and with less pain or discomfort. Here is some of the technology that we use in our office:

EagleSoft intraoral cameras – These cameras can let us see everywhere in your mouth, even the hard to see place. The camera view is also displayed on a 40″ flat screen.

Digital X-rays – No more awkward and messy teeth molds. With Digital x-rays, we can immediately scan and detect any structural problems.

SonicFill filling technology – The quickest and more accurate way to do a cavity filling. It uses sonic energy to flow the filling material into place.

Kodak CBCT scanner – Our Kodak scanner creates 3D images of your teeth. Again, no more molds or waiting for dental products to come back from a dental lab.

Guided implant dentistry – Gone are the days of multiple visits to the dentist to get an implant. With guided implant systems, we are able to accurately place implants in as little as 45 minutes and with significantly less pain.

WaveOne endodontic system –Imagine getting a root canal done in only 15 minutes. Sounds too good to be true? With the WaveOne endodontic system, patients can have the most dreaded dental procedure done in a matter of minutes and with minimal to no pain.

Dental appointments no longer need to be dreaded. Modern dental technology helps our office run more efficiently which means less time our patients are in our office and more time to devote to their busy schedules.

With digital imaging and advancements in sedation dentistry, and many more, patients experience significantly less pain and discomfort during their dental procedures and require less recovery time.

Virginia Dentist That is Active in the Community

At Historic Triangle Dentistry, we believe that everyone is entitled to quality dental care. We also see dental health as a two-way street. It requires both the dentist and the patient to be actively involved in maintaining the patient’s oral health. This is why dental care education is important.

Our Dr. Whyte regularly volunteers his time providing free and low cost dental services to residents in need at the Old Towne Medical and Dental Center.

Proper dental care and hygiene need to be taught at an early age. A child is less likely to develop dental problems or practice poor dental care habits if they are taught at an early age on how to adequately care for their teeth.

Children’s dental education is important to us at Historic Triangle Dentistry. To instill proper oral care techniques in kids, we regularly visit local schools and do fun, interactive presentations on why good dental health is important and how to maintain a clean and healthy mouth.

Besides providing affordable dental care and educating children on the importance of good dental care, we also stay active in our community by getting involved in community events, such as the Christmas parade and through supporting local groups such as youth sports teams.

If you’re looking for a quality dentist who is passionate about their patients’ and the community’s dental health, Historic Triangle is the place.

Contact us today to set up an appointment and let us help you take great care of your teeth.


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