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New Technology For Healthier Teeth

  • July 1, 2016

It’s safe to say that we are living in a world that is dominated by technology.

Cars and trucks have computer chips in them. (Some can even drive themselves.)

Not that long ago, a family computer was rare to find. Today, many families have multiple devices that are connected to the Internet at the same time.

The technology revolution is changing family dentistry as well, including right here in Williamsburg, VA.

One great example of this is the Sirona Dental Orthophos XG, which we recently added at Historic Triangle Dental Care.

More Comfortable X-rays

If you are no longer a child, then you are probably familiar with old analog X-rays. If you missed them, that’s not anything to worry about.

With older X-rays, patients often had to wear lead aprons. These were heavy, which didn’t exactly make them comfortable, but they were a necessary safety precaution to protect against radiation.

Plus, many older X-ray machines required the use of bite guards. As anyone with a sensitive gag reflex could tell you, these are not fun to hold between your teeth while your X-rays are being taken.

And since old machines required film, the X-rays had to be developed before the dentist could look at them.

With the Sirona Dental Orthophos XG, we eliminate a lot of those issues. This machine used a focused beam, which means significantly less radiation exposure for all our patients. That means now heavy, lead aprons.

This machine works by scanning your teeth and supporting structures. As a result, you don’t have to hold gag-inducing guards in your mouth while the images are being created.

And last but not least, the images are digital, which means they are ready practically instantaneously for examination.

Faster Diagnosis

X-ray images have been used for more than a century by dentists as a way to identify problems.

As technology has improved, so have the quality of the images. The digital images that we receive today are clearer than anything we’ve had before.

This is extremely helpful because it allows us to diagnose things like tooth decay in the earliest stages.

This machine also can help us identify TMJ problems as a result of teeth grinding. It can guide our treatments for issues like sleep apnea, and it allows us to better prepare for dental implant placements.

Better Understanding

We know that dentistry can be confusing for anyone. This is another way that our digital X-rays can help.

Since the images are available so quickly, it’s easier for us to show them to you during your visits for cleanings, examinations, or restorative treatments.

With the X-rays, we can show you exactly what is going on with your teeth, good and bad. This can help you understand either why you don’t need any treatment or why we are recommending a particular treatment for a specific problem.

Better Dentistry Through Technology

The Sirona Dental Orthophos XG is the latest piece of state-of-the-art technology that we have incorporated into our practice.

We all know people who have to have the latest and greatest tech toys. That’s not how we approach technology in our office. We add technology when we know that it will benefit our patients either by improving your comfort, providing better diagnostic tools, or making your treatment more comfortable.

Here are some other examples of tech that we use:

✦ EagleSoft intraoral cameras — These cameras can be connected to the 40-inch televisions location in our patient rooms. This can give you and your dentist or hygienist a live view of what is happening inside your mouth.

The cameras give us a magnified few of your mouth, which helps us see things that we can’t see with our eyes alone.

✦ SonicFill — This system used sonic waves to help us apply composite resin to your teeth. This is used to fill cavities, to replace old fillings, and to repair chipped and worn down teeth.

✦ WaveOne — It’s inevitable that we are going to have to do root canal treatments from time to time. Knowing this, we want to make the process as easy and efficient as possible for everyone involved.

With the WaveOne endodontic system, we can complete a root canal procedure in as little as 15 minutes. This tools also allows us to complete the treatment with little or no pain.

Your High-Tech Family Dentist

At Historic Triangle Dental Care, our professional staff will treat you like a member of our own families. Thanks to our technology, you can count on receiving comfortable care as well at our dentist office in Williamsburg, VA.

To learn more or to make an appointment, call 757-903-2527 or fill out our online form.


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