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Sedation May Improve Your Oral Health

  • August 1, 2016

Imagine waking up at home after a nap.

“You did it,” your spouse says. “Your mouth looks healthy. The dentist said to remember to keep brushing and flossing, and he would see you in six months.”

You don’t remember anything about your visit, but you feel satisfied that you received the care that you expect as part of general dentistry. Not that long ago, your dental anxiety kept you from making an appointment.

You are so glad you found out about sedation dentistry at Historic Triangle Dental Care in Williamsburg, VA. Who knew that a dentist so close to home could help make dental care so much easier to receive?

Why You Should Consider Dental Sedation

Practically every day, we treat patients with some level of dental anxiety. It’s a common concern across the United States.

Our team does as much as we can to help our patients feel welcome, relaxed, and comfortable in our office. We offer amenities like free wifi, sunglasses, blankets, and pillows.

For many patients, that is enough to stay relaxed, distracted, or both so they can get through a routine cleaning or other dental procedure.

Yet, for other patients, just making the call for an appointment is difficult. A pillow might be nice, but it’s not going to convince them to schedule a cleaning for the first time in years.

We have learned that sedation dentistry can help them return to the dentist chair, and this can make a tremendous difference in your overall oral health.

You don’t have to be awake or alert to have your teeth cleaned and examined, but you still receive the same benefits as any other patient who comes to our office.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Dental sedation is a great option for patients who have a fear of the dentist. For some, this may be a fear of pain. For others, it may be a fear of gagging. Whatever your reason, we want to work with you to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

At our office, we use oral sedation to help patients manage their anxiety.

A patient who is receiving oral sedation will receive a single dose of prescription medication to take before his or her appointment.

The medication may make you groggy, or it may cause you to fall into a light sleep. You won’t remember much if anything about your treatment in either case.

The medication has an analgesic effect, which will prevent you from feeling any pain during your cleaning or other procedure.

Likewise, the mediation will keep you in a relaxed state, so you won’t gag.

The main thing is that your teeth will get cleaned. A dental professional will be able to identify any potential problem areas, which will allow you to get treatment before those problems become more serious.

How Long Sedation Lasts

For your safety, you must arrange for a family member or friend to drive you to our office and to drive you home when your visit is over. The medication is relatively fast-acting, and you won’t be in any condition to drive while you are under its effects.

The medication can last for a few hours. This is more than long enough for the treatment you will receive.

Since you may still be sedated for a few hours after your treatment, you likely will want to rest for a short time after you family member or friend takes you home.

We will find a way to make sure you know if any follow-up treatment is recommended. The main things we want to do is to get you back in the habit of routine care. Regular cleanings and examinations (along with your daily hygiene routine) will greatly reduce your risk of developing long-term oral health issues.

Dental sedation has been used for more than a century and a half in one form or another. Oral sedation is a modern, simple, and effective method for helping patients relax so they can receive the high-quality dental care they deserve a Historic Triangle Dental Care.

How To Learn More About Dental Sedation

If you have never tried sedation dentistry or you were not aware of oral sedation, please contact Historic Triangle Dental Care with any questions that you may have.

Our dentist has used oral sedation for the benefit of several patients in and around Williamsburg, Va. Find out if it could help you, too.

Contact us by phone at 757-903-2527, or contact us online by filling out our simple form.


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