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Use Your Benefits To Protect Your Smile

  • September 15, 2016

Imagine someone paying for a magazine subscription. Every month, a small amount is taken from his checking account to keep this publication coming to his door.

Now imagine that each time the most recent issue arrives in the mail, he immediately throws it away without looking at it or reading any of the articles.

Imagine someone paying for cable. Now imagine she gets rid of her television yet continues paying for her cable service.

We think you would agree that both people mentioned above are wasting money by not using the services they are paying for.

At Historic Triangle Dental Care, our concern isn’t whether you are reading your favorite magazine or getting the most from your cable plan. Our concern is your teeth, and we know that there are several people in and around Williamsburg, VA, who never come to the dentist even though they are paying for dental insurance.

What’s In Your Policy?

Many companies offer dental insurance as one of the benefits of working there. We think that is a good thing.

Many dental plans encourage the basic preventive care like routine cleanings and examinations that reduce your risk for more serious and more expensive services.

If you aren’t sure what is covered by your dental insurance provider, we encourage you to take some time now to review your policy. As we mentioned, many plans are designed to steer you toward preventive care. You may be able to get cleaning and exam at little or no costs, depending on your policy.

Some policies also may help reduce the cost of certain restorative treatments or orthodontic care. Again, it’s important that you review the specifics of your policy.

If you are interested in treatment, a member of our staff may be able to go over what is and is not covered. This can help provide some clarity on what your personal costs will be. Knowing your financial responsibility in advance can ease your mind if you are considering a particular service.

Don’t Lose It

Another thing to keep in mind is that dental care benefits often renew annually.

Your company may have a use-it-or-lose-it policy with regard to vacations. I.e. if you don’t take vacation days that you’ve earned within a specified time, then you will lose them.

You can think of your dental benefits in the same way. Many policies cover certain procedures (again, we are thinking of cleanings and examinations as an example) from year to year.

That means if you don’t schedule an appointment to receive those services, then you have just lost them for this year.

Part of the reason we are posting this blog now is because you still have plenty of time to make your appointment before the end of 2016.

Benefits Of General Dentistry

For the sake of your family’s oral health, we would rather see you a couple times every year for basic care than to receive a call that you are having a dental emergency.

We will do everything we can to help in those situations, but we also know many of those dental emergencies are preventable.

During a routine exam, we may find tooth decay or gum disease in its early stages. This can make the treatment more effective, less invasive, and, yes, less expensive, too.

In-House Memberships And Other Ways To Pay

We also know that some companies do not offer dental insurance. With this in mind, we want to call your attention to our other payment options.

We will accept cash or checks, and we accept credit cards as well. If you would prefer to finance the costs of a particular treatment, you can apply for CareCredit or Lending Club. You can apply for both of those programs through their websites.

As an added incentive, we offer a 10 percent discount on services to patients who pay in advance. This can make it easier to afford services like dental implants and Invisalign to give a couple examples.

We also created an in-house membership plan for our patients. For patients who do not have dental insurance, this can provide significant savings.

You can learn more about our family plan by downloading our brochure.

Don’t Put Off Your Dental Care

If you haven’t already scheduled your next dental appointment, please call our dentist office at 757-903-2527 or use our online contact form if you live in or near Williamsburg, VA.

We welcome new patients at Historic Triangle Dental Care, whether you are new to the area, looking for a new dentist, or just haven’t been to a dentist office in a few years.


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