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Using Technology To Improve Dental Care

  • March 17, 2016

Technology has been changing the world since the dawn of civilization.

Tools helped early humans gain an advantage over rival groups for territory and for food. When humans learned to harness the power of fire, it provided warmth, protection, and a new way to prepare food.

The wheel transformed the possibilities for transportation and made marvels of engineering possible.

We built ships to fly to the moon and back, and today’s smartphones have computing power that dwarfs the computers used for those space missions.

Technology also plays a big role in modern dentistry, and we are putting it to use for the benefit of our patients at Historic Triangle Dental Care.

In this week’s blog, we would like to tell you about some of the ways technology is improving dental care for our patients in and around Williamsburg, VA.

► Digital X-rays

We live in a fast-paced world. When you want information, you want it as soon as possible. One way we are doing this is with digital X-rays.

With older X-ray, we captured the images, then we had to get them developed before we could look at them. With digital X-rays, we can look at your teeth and the supporting bone structure almost as soon as the X-rays are taken.

If we find a problem, we can show you faster. We’ve also learned this helps our patients to better understand what is happening inside your mouth.

► Intraoral Cameras

The human eye can only see so much. Knowing this, people have been developing new ways to see our world ever since someone figured out how to make curved glass.

Microscopes gave us the ability to see things we would never have seen otherwise. Combining that technology with cameras allows our dental professionals to see your mouth in much greater detail and at angles that would not be possible otherwise.

The images from our EagleSoft cameras can be projected onto one of our 40-inches flat screen televisions. This gives us a better chance of finding problems early.

This also means we can fix those problems sooner. These early treatments also tend to be less invasive and more effective.

► Cone Beam Scanner

As valuable as X-rays continue to be, we also have taken the next steps into 3D imaging with our Kodak CBCT scanner.

CBCT is cone beam computed tomography. Using this equipment, we can take hundreds of images of your head. These images can be reassembled with computer software to create a three-dimensional model of your teeth and the supporting bone structures.

This is invaluable for the next thing we will mention.

► Guided Implants

Dental implants have been a tremendous invention in their own right. They allow us to do much more than we ever could for patients who are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or every tooth in their mouth.

Proper placement is very important key with implants. Can you imagine how difficult this may be for a dentist who only has two-dimensional X-rays to help plan this procedure?

With our 3D imaging capabilities, we can more precisely place your dental implants to give you the maximum benefit.

► SonicFill

Have you ever had a cavity? A recent survey of health statistics found that more than 90 percent of American adults have had at least one cavity in their lives. Perhaps more concerning, 27 percent had untreated tooth decay.

If we find a cavity, we can use our SonicFill composite material for your filling. This material uses sonic activation to flow the filling material where it is needed. 

And you will be glad to know that these fillings last much longer than other types of fillings.

► WaveOne

If you have never had a root canal, then you may be worried by tales of roots canals performed decades ago. Modern technology has made root canals virtually pain-free.

One example of this is our WaveOne endodontic system. (Endodontics is the area of dentistry focuses on the pulp inside your tooth.)

With this equipment, we can complete a root canal treatment with little or no pain, and we can complete the procedure in as little as 15 minutes.

Patients Are Always Welcome

We are always happy to see our regular patients and their families walk through our door. But we also get excited when a new patient comes to visit us for the first time.

If you would like to know more about how we put technology to use for all our patients, call Historic Triangle Dental Care in Williamsburg. Our dentist, Dr. Whyte, and our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

To learn more or to make an appointment, call 757-903-2527 or fill out our online form.


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