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Why Seeing a Comprehensive Dentist is Right for You

  • July 31, 2017

Patient in dental office on regular checkupGeneral dentistry and comprehensive dentistry are two different words for the same thing. By definition, comprehensive dentistry includes both traditional dental treatments as well as preventative dental treatments. Comprehensive/general dentistry involves both restorative dental treatments along with preventative ones.

Why Comprehensive Dentistry is Important

Comprehensive dentistry considers that no part of a patient’s mouth is independent from the other parts. All the tissues, organs and components of the mouth play unique, essential roles, the proper functioning of these components are not maximized unless it works in conjunction with other components of the mouth.

Unless you’re a dentist, you likely don’t know what is going on in your mouth when something hurts, is irritating or suddenly doesn’t function properly. You likely don’t know what the cause or source of your dental is.

A comprehensive dentist in Williamsburg, VA will not only treat your dental ailment, but will zero in on the cause of the issue and treat that as well so the same uncomfortable ailment won’t come back in the future.

Addressing both the present and potential future dental issues, our dentists can ensure the best long-term health of your whole mouth, body and well-being.

Instead of hopping around from one specialty dental office to the next, without a certain idea of what your current dental issue is, a comprehensive dentist offers a one-stop-shop for diagnosis, exam, prevention and treatment of the dental issue.

Comprehensive dentistry also takes into account the interconnectedness of one’s oral health and one’s overall health and well-being.

A comprehensive dentist will be able to assess whether that tooth ache is caused from tooth decay or is a symptom of an injury or infection in another organ of the body.

Just like the components of your mouth can’t operate independently of each other, neither the body nor mouth can work properly without the other. Being informed that something is wrong with one can make your overall physical health significantly less prone to illness, disease and infection.

Since a comprehensive dentist carefully examines the whole mouth, including the various tissues, he or she will also look at how every component of the oral cavity interacts and functions when the mouth is chewing and moving.

Since even the muscles are examined, patients can have their bite assessed for alignment problems, uneven teeth wear and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). The pain and discomfort from the jaw can be a source of discomfort in the jaw, neck, and head. TMJ pain can be the result of uneven tooth wear, stress, a failed dental restoration and poor health relating to the gums and jaw.

Many of these ailments you may have missed or misdiagnosed if you hadn’t seen a comprehensive dentist.

If you’re experiencing any pain or you simply want a routine check-up, contact us at Historic Triangle Dental Care and let our comprehensive dentists ensure you mouth has a clean bill of health.


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