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Your Gum Health Matters To Your Smile

  • October 2, 2016

Try to imagine this moment. You out on the town, but your date seems to want to keep his or her distance. You may not realize it, but gum disease could be the reason.

Lingering bad breath is one of the unfortunate symptoms of periodontal disease.

Our dentist wants to help you avoid this situation if you live in or near Williamsburg, VA. At Historic Triangle Dental Care, we stress preventive care with good home hygiene and regular professional dental cleanings, but we can provide periodontal treatment when it is needed.

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Look For The Signs

Nearly half of American adults 30 and older have periodontitis, according to the Centers for Disease Control. When you add in the number of people with gingivitis, health experts estimate that more than 70 of American have some form of gum disease.

We aren’t saying this to scare you. We just want you to be aware how prevalent periodontal disease is. This makes it all the more important for all our patients to recognize the symptoms of gum disease.

The most obvious sign is bleeding gums. When your gums bleed while you are brushing or flossing, this is your first clue that something is wrong. The next sign is when your gums appear redder than usual or swollen.

These are the symptoms of gingivitis. The good news is that you can reverse your gum disease at this stage. Many times following the American Dental Association recommendations can be enough.

Remember to brush for at least two minutes twice per day and to floss daily. If you do this, your bleeding should stop with time.

If the bleeding continues, that is a sign that you may have periodontitis. That’s is when you will need to call the dental professionals at Historic Triangle Dental Care.

The Problems With Periodontitis

As noted above, this is the advanced form of gum disease. The effects of this condition are more noticeable and more severe.

You may notice that your gums start to bleed more easily. They may even feel sore or tender, particularly when you are eating.

As the infection grows, you may develop pockets in your gum tissue. These are places where bacteria, plaque, and tartar can build. These pocket often are not reachable by brush or flossing.

Over time, you may see pus leaking from your gums. This also may be when you notice a lingering bad taste in your mouth or constant bad breath.

We certainly hope you will contact Dr. Whyte before your condition gets to this point for a very important reason — your teeth.

Your gums can recede or separate from your teeth. At the same time, bacteria may begin to attack the jawbone that holds your teeth in place. This is the reason your teeth can feel loose and why gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States.

Take Action Early To Protect Your Smile

You can trust that you will receive the best care possible if you come to Historic Triangle Dental Care. Here are the steps we may take as part of your periodontal disease treatment:

➤ Scaling And Root Planing

This is what would be called a deep cleaning. During a routine cleaning, a hygienist will remove plaque and tartar buildup from the visible parts of your mouth. In this procedure, the hygienist will remove tartar, plaque, and bacteria from the roots of your teeth.

➤ Topical Antibiotics

To remove more bacteria and reduce the risk of a recurring infection, you may be prescribed an antibiotic.

➤ Perio Protect

We also may recommend using a special mouthrinse. This mouthrinse is another tool in our toolbox to reduce the risk of developing another infection.

➤ Follow-Up Exams

Last but not least, we will recommend follow-up examinations every three to four months. We want to keep an eye on your gum healthy as you recover because of the damage your gum tissue has already received.

Preventive Care: The Preferred Approach

Dr. Whyte and his staff have the knowledge and skills to fix your periodontal disease, but we would prefer to prevent it whenever possible.

This is why we stress the importance of home hygiene routine and why we want to see you at least twice a year for regular cleanings and examinations. By working with the dental professionals at Historic Triangle Dental Care, you can keep your gums healthy and your smile looking its best.

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