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I Need a Dentist Who Can Care for All My Dental Needs

At Historic Triangle Dental Care, we offer comprehensive dental services to meet all of your dental health care needs. We see patients of all ages – from age 1 to 101. Below is just a small selection of our comprehensive family dentistry services.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventing dental problems is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy mouth. We offer a variety of services that can help you along.

  • Nutritional Counseling – What you consume on a daily basis is important for your overall health. This includes your mouth. Avoid sugary and acidic snacks and beverages to preserve your oral health.
  • Cleanings and Exams – We recommend getting a professional cleaning and exam every 6 months for optimum prevention and detection.
  • Home Care Education– Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is important for a healthy mouth for life.
  • Sealants – Protect your teeth from harmful substances. Seal out the bad and protect your enamel.
  • Fluoride Treatments and Varnishes – Harden your enamel against erosive substances.
  • Mouthguards – Protect your teeth from damage due to bruxism or injury.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We know that your appearance is important to you. We offer a wider range of cosmetic services that are designed to help you feel great about your smile. Talk to Dr. Whyte about Invisalign short-term orthodontics, veneers, teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, gum reshaping, or a complete smile makeover. We are here to help you achieve the smile you deserve.

Restorative Dentistry

Having trouble chewing? Are you living with a damaged tooth or without teeth at all? We can help. We offer many restorative services including everything from dental implants to digital dentures and full-mouth reconstructions. These services can truly change the way you live. Let us help you get your life back.

TMJ Treatment and Sleep Apnea Solutions

TMJ dysfunction is a common affliction that causes pain, stiffness, headaches, and other discomfort in your jaw area. We can treat these symptoms with oral appliances to alleviate your pain. Sleep apnea, a condition that causes your airways to collapse during sleep, can also be treated with oral appliances. Appliances can also be used as migraine and headache solutions as well as to protect your teeth from damage due to teeth grinding.

To take advantage of our comprehensive dental care services, call our office at 757-903-2527 or use our online form to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to help you with whatever you dental needs may be.

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