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I’m Embarrassed to Smile | Williamsburg, VA

I’m Embarrassed to Smile

Do you hide behind your hand or simply smile with a closed mouth? Are you embarrassed to show your teeth due to crookedness, discoloration, or disfigurement? Are you missing teeth and do not want the world to know? Our team at Historic Triangle Dental Care can help. We offer many cosmetic and restorative options that can help you be proud of your smile once more. Let us help you love your smile again.

Invisalign Short-Term Orthodontics

Invisalign is a great option for those seeking a straighter, more beautiful smile. The system works by employing a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place. Because of the material they are made of, they do not scratch, poke, or cut your gums or cheeks like traditional braces. They also shift your teeth at a more gentle pace, so you will never feel any more discomfort than a slight pressure. Did we mention that they also work faster than traditional braces? Invisalign aligners work in as little as 9 months compared to the two or three years of traditional braces! Their comfort, speed, and convenience make Invisalign a great choice for busy professionals and hard-working students.

Complete Smile Makeover

If you are interested in more than just straighter teeth, we can help you out there, too. We offer teeth whitening kits, cosmetic bonding, veneers, and more. We can employ any combination of our cosmetic services to create the smile you desire. Let us help you by making over your smile into the beautiful, sparkling grin you have always dreamed of.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Services

We also offer a variety of reconstructive services. These services can be combined to completely restore your mouth to its fully functioning ability. Are you living without teeth or with ill-fitting dentures? We have the solution for you. We offer dental implants and digital dentures as teeth replacement options. Both options are highly aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. Dental implants offer maximum strength and support nearly 100 percent of your natural chewing ability, but our digitally designed dentures are less invasive. Both are fantastic options for a full-mouth restoration. Consult with Dr. Whyte to determine which option is right for you.

To schedule a consultation, please call our office at 757-903-2527 or use our online form. We would be happy to assist you in setting up an appointment. Let us help you be proud of your smile again.

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