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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our Williamsburg, VA Dental Practice

At Historic Triangle Dental Care, we strive for excellent dentistry. Our high-quality technology, comfortable office, and caring staff allow us to provide top-notch care to our patients. We are dedicated to helping you get the care you need in an environment that is comfortable and pleasing to you.

The Latest, Fastest Technology on the Market

Employing the latest and greatest technology is one of the best ways to make sure we are providing the highest level of dentistry possible. We are a 21st century practice – we employ digital everything.

  • EagleSoft intraoral cameras – Cameras that allow us to see into your mouth at unique angles. They allow for more accurate and early diagnoses on a 40″ flat screen.
  • Digital X-rays – Digital images of your jaw and teeth allow us to recognize any structural problems right away – and allow us to treat them.
  • SonicFill filling technology – The quickest and more accurate way to do a cavity filling. It uses sonic energy to flow the filling material into place.
  • Kodak CBCT scanner – Our 3D imaging system allows us to accurately create models of your teeth.
  • Guided implant dentistry – Guided implant systems offer higher levels of accuracy and faster placement time. We can place implants in only about 45 minutes to an hour and with much less pain.
  • WaveOne endodontic system – Latest root canal technology that allows us to complete the procedure in as little as 15 minutes and with minimal to no pain.

Comfort Amenities and a Relaxed Environment

We are also focused on making sure you are as comfortable as possible while in our care. For this reason, we offer cable television access and drinks in the waiting room, blankets, pillows, sunglasses, free wifi, and even oral medication to help you relax. Our intimate facility is designed for a relaxing, low-key atmosphere – we want you to feel completely at ease.

A Caring, Friendly Staff

Above all, we can offer you a friendly staff that actually cares about you. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Your experience at our office is important to us – let us do whatever we can to make sure you are comfortable and well taken care of. Dr. Whyte and his wonderful staff will provide the care you need – and only what is needed for the best results possible. When you visit our office, you are engaging in something that is more than just sitting in a dental chair. We build relationships.

To schedule a consultation at our office, please call 757-903-2527. You can also use our online form. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you in setting up an appointment day and time that is right for you.

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