How to Maintain Healthy Teeth

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Before we get into a topic and tips to how to maintain healthy teeth, let’s talk about certain things that cause damage to your teeth:

1. Candy– It is obvious that candy is the number one factor that damages healthy teeth because sugar accumulates bacteria in your mouth. In the long run, those bad bacteria can cause teeth infection.Also, those accumulated bacteria usually cause bad breath. Thus, by balancing your sugar consumption, you can easily prevent your teeth from damage.

2. Acidic fruits – Eating a lot of citrus fruit can cause tooth pain. Fruits, such as pineapple, lemon or kiwi can destroy the outer or protective layer of teeth. Therefore, it results sharp tooth pain. The best thing to avoid from that type of pain is to make smoothies, instead of consuming them as raw fruits.

3. Stop drinking carbonated beverages– Sodas are common causes of teeth infection too. Carbonated beverages such as coke and pepsi worsen human bone structure and functions. Moreover, soda contain a lot of sugar. For example, 500 ml of coke contains the same amount of sugar as 7 sugar-cubes. Basically, when people try to eat 7 sugar cubes, they can eat only 2 of them. However, when sugar is dissolved in liquid, people don’t mind drinking it. That’s an issue.

Tips for maintaining healthy teeth:

Wash them regularly- The best thing to maintain healthy teeth is to wash them on a regular basis. At least 2 times a day. When washing teeth, a lot of people forget to clean them properly. Therefore,

Change your tooth paste, if necessary- Some type of tooth paste contain sugar or some of them contain harsh chemicals. In order to find appropriate toothpaste that are better for your teeth, you need to do some research.

Use Baking Soda as a substitute for tooth paste- Baking soda contains good chemicals that can clean teeth and it prevents bacteria from creating teeth infections. More importantly, baking soda does not contain sugar and it is 100 percent natural. Thus, baking soda can be a good substitute of a tooth paste. If you want to, you can add mint flavors to it.

Use teeth floss- Using teeth floss before washing your teeth can prevent teeth from making teeth stones, named tartar. When you get older, tartar can be the leading factor that results teeth loss. So, using teeth floss can reduce the risk of teeth loss.

Include calcium to your diet– Calcium can provide a strong support to your bones and teeth. Thus, drinking 1 cup of milk, eating yogurt or drinking 1 cup of water with 1 table spoon chia seeds can provide rich calcium to human bones and teeth.

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